Item Management

All three types of users have access to a tags management table page.

Item Management is the most advanced example included in the PRO theme because every item has a picture, has a category and has multiple tags. The item management can be accessed by clicking Item Management from the Laravel Examples section of the sidebar. The authenticated user as an Admin or Creator is able to add, edit and delete items. For adding a new item you can press the + Add Item button. If you would like to edit or dea tag you can click on the Action column. It is also possible to sort the fields or to sein the fields.

On the page for adding a new item you will find a form which allows you to add an image of the item, to fill the name, description of the item, a dropdown to choose the category and a multiselect for the tags.

The App/Http/Livewire/LaravelExamples/Items/Create.php handles data validation when adding a new item and the item creation

                    public function store(){
                        $item = Item::create([

                            'name' => $this->name,
                            'category_id' =>$this->category_id,
                            'description' => $this->description,
                            'picture' => $this->picture->store('pictures', 'public'),
                            'status' =>$this->status,
                            'options' => $this->options,
                            'homepage' => $this->showOnHomepage ? 1 : 0,
                            'date' => Carbon::parse($this->date)->format('Y-m-d')


                        $item->tag()->sync($this->tags_id, false);

                        return redirect(route('item-management'))->with('status','Item successfully created.');


The policy which authorizes the user to access item management pages is implemented in App\Policies\ItemPolicy.php.